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Our Fencing Contractor Is Aware of the Elements That Can Harm Solid Wood Fences

There Are Four Wood Fence Killers to Be Aware Of

You should read this article if you intend to put a wooden fence in your yard so that you are aware of how to maintain it. Four of the most prevalent solid wood killers that you will have to contend with are listed there by our fencing experts.

Poor Workmanship

No matter how frequently you maintain it or how much money you spend on professional fence care, if your fence has not been designed correctly, it will certainly collapse sooner than you anticipate. You must verify that your installation crew is using pressure-treated wood posts and that the spacing between them is correct if you want to ensure that your private wooden fence will keep you safe for many years to come. Additionally, these posts must be buried at least two feet underground.


If you don’t stain your wooden fence once every two years, constant exposure to the sun and strong spring and fall rains can be disastrous. When the time is right, it is simple to tell: a fence has to be re-stained when its colors have started to fade and fungus has appeared.


If yard waste is not cleaned off, all of the organic debris (leaves, grass clippings, bark soil) that collects on the rails of your wooden fence might eventually destroy the wood. This is why it’s important to maintain fences properly and frequently, especially in the fall when many of the deciduous trees in Georgetown, KY shed their leaves.

Sprinklers for Watering the Lawn

Make sure you just water your yard and plants, not your fence, as water can weaken any wood fence’s structure and hasten the decay process. The longevity of your fence might be greatly shortened by lots of water and the hot summer sun.

Consult your neighborhood fence contractor for more maintenance advice. As one of the top service providers in the area, Better Built Fence - KY is happy to take on your project. Please, contact us at (502) 242-0104 whenever you require assistance with your wooden fencing.

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