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How to Maintain a Wood Fence

A Skilled Fence Contractor Offers Useful Tips

Having a wood fence around your property is a great asset. The natural beauty it adds to the curb appeal makes it stand out from the rest in the neighborhood. However, your wood fence needs maintenance. What can our experienced fence contractor advise you?

As you may know, there are some insects and pests that may find your fence pretty tasty. So, your first job will be to protect it from them. In the warmer months, one approach is to apply creosote to your fence. This is a tar-like substance that will keep the lumber safe from the weather conditions and the annoying termites and carpenter ants. However, you should know that creosote is not an eco-friendly option. Boric acid is another substance you can utilize. It acts as a natural repellent and causes all those little creatures to die.

Believe it or not, pressure washing is the best technique to keep your wooden fence in peak condition. Just be careful to use the appropriate nozzle for the treating wood surfaces. Move the water jet quickly to avoid damage. You should always apply a specialized wood cleaner, let it sit according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and rinse carefully with a pressure washer.

To prevent decay, you can apply a water-repellent preservative. Just speak to your installer to advise you on the most suitable option for your fencing and eventually get the job done correctly. To protect the material from the sun, you can apply a quality sealant and let it dry for 24 hours. Make sure to apply several layers and let it dry for 24 hours between the coats.

For addressing minor cracks, you can use a waterproof wood glue. You can also reinforce your investment and especially the posts with a concrete spur. Concrete spurs are often utilized to substitute rotten or damaged fence posts.

Your wood fence maintenance has never been easier. All you have to do is to find a licensed and conscientious fence contractor to give you a helping hand. If you live in Georgetown, KY, you can rely on Better Built Fence - KY for timely and affordable repairs and installations. For any inquiries, you can contact us at (502) 242-0104.

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