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Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring the right fence contractor for your requirements means getting high-quality results at cost-effective prices, and never facing any issues, be they structural or longevity oriented. Avoiding imperfections and even getting repairs whenever desired is possible only by hiring the right professionals for your fence requirements. At Better Built Fence - KY, we have the right set of skills and tools to deal with all sorts of fencing requirements irrespective of the complications involved. We are here to address the queries of the clients that are considering hiring us and, on this page, have compiled several of them. If new clients have some specific queries and want us to address those as well, they can simply reach out to us and reap the rewards of our customer service, unmatched across Georgetown, KY.

What are the perks of fences?

Getting fence installation done by professionals gives property owners improved security and safety, clearer boundaries for their property, and improved privacy. It is also the ideal way to add some aesthetic appeal to the landscape and, depending on the choice of material that clients desire for their fences, they can even get some unique properties.

How is a commercial fence different?

Commercial fences are commonly used on retail properties, hotels, and other businesses. They are mostly chosen for aesthetic appeal while maintaining higher strength and longer lifespans. They are also significantly larger in dimensions and are quite similar to industrial fencing, as they are at risk of being broken into by intruders.

What are the perks of an aluminum fence?

Getting aluminum fence installation done means lower overall costs, a classic visual appeal, compatibility with most topography, and a lot more stable and reliable fence that is more secure than other materials in comparison. It is also easier to maintain and is a sustainable product with a versatile appearance.

What are chain link fences?

In general, a chain link fence is made from galvanized or green PVC-coated steel wire, which is woven into a zigzag pattern to create the familiar and popular diamond-shaped fence. These fences are quite easy to perform fence repair on and do not need much investment to install in the first place, as well as to maintain in the long run.

How experienced are you?

As a highly trusted and well-regarded affordable fence company, we have been serving our community for the better part of 27 years. Through this extensive timeline of more than two and a half decades, we have made sure that we never disappoint our clients with the work ethic and dedication that we bring to the table. We use the right tools and techniques to be more efficient and reliable with our results.

We are confident in our abilities to accommodate even the most complicated requirements with ease. Any new clients that might need some more convincing by getting their precise queries addressed can simply reach out to Better Built Fence - KY at (502) 242-0104 and get their insights. We are always happy to take on new projects for our valued clients across the entire Georgetown, KY area.

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